The Gollum in me

I hoard my trinkets Delighting in shredded wrapping paper Ignoring the Gift I am like Gollum Obsessing and dying inside Adoring perishable little trinkets Cowering in the caves As the saints march into battle And the new earth approaches I force worship out of myself unto my precious little ornaments Thinking the louder I praise … More The Gollum in me

The Book

  I turned the page. I read the words that pierced so deep As if the author knew my life And wrote to expose me in my weakness The words on the pages said my name They called me out from hiding They made me agonize Over what I knew About myself The scarlet letter … More The Book

The Way We Are

The Way We Are Sunday morning coffee conversations are like music that fills the room. The sweet aroma of freshly ground beans add depth to the familiar melody we enjoy so much. This is him and I. This is us, naturally. This is what you would see if you peek through the window of our … More The Way We Are

Pain Chapters

Everything is bright And you feel good about who you are And then someone you know gets cancer Or someone loses a child And it’s like a tidal wave crashes over you leaving you recoiling from the shock And you walk around for days with your insides burning And you are tormented by every unkind … More Pain Chapters