The Man that he is


He searches for wisdom on every corner
Calling for it from the rooftops
Gaining it with every question he asks
Becoming more sure
Of how little he knows

He thinks of those that need him
As he drifts off at night
A prayer for them on his lips
A longing for them on his heart

He believes in the answers he has
To the questions ringing in every soul
Confident, not in himself
But the rock on truth he’s rooted to

Answers given to men that he reads
Built on their shoulders
Tested with time
Compelling, authentic, and true

Flying full speed ahead
Sails filled with inspiration
Anchored down with awareness of
his need

He knows he is flawed
Seeking correction and
Soaking it in like nectar
When he hears feedback

He lets me unload my burdens
Which he then has to carry
Heavy on his heart
For my sake

He is the truest friend
a girl can hope for
The humblest of men
A wife can to follow

As we grow and multiply
He loves us strong
Always so present
As his dreams grow big
He stays


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