The Reward of a Hollowed Life

She gave
Without hoarding, without grasping
Without keeping score
She gave it all away
Holding precious gems with open palms
She had been used up
Her life spent, hallowed out
Glory ridden
Wholeheartedly, on the alter
Day after day, in joy
Losing her life
Emptied, offered up
Love, her name
Hard work that no one chose
The dirt that know one touched
She washed the floors
That we walked on
She hugged the ones that spread disease
With eagerness
She put herself last
Full life, endless sacrifice
And her heart kept pouring
She never ran out
When her time had come to lay to rest
In her final silence
She spoke lounder than ever
With empty hands she entered into glory
Bearing the Royal name
A trophy of His Grace
As the heavens grew heavy with her reward


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