Reaching for Light

I sat in the shadows of the evening
In the silence of the house
Warming my hands with the coffee mug
Reaching for inspiration
Yearning for my thoughts to turn poetic
Itching for a pen
Wishing I could step outside of myself and take a walk
And see everything untinged
Untamed, untouched
See things for what they are
Instead of through my layers of emotion
and my limited awareness
and my lack of gratitude
Wishing I could turn off the part
That makes the music muffled
That part that turns good moments into chaos
The part that makes me turn my head instead of looking
The part that calls me, but has nothing to give
The place where laughter ends
And glory becomes black
Where sweetness can’t be tasted
If I could shed this skin
And be the blueprint,
I wouldn’t have to fight
I wouldn’t sit in these evening shadows
And muse in the silence
My lips would never cease
To praise
My heart would never keep
from singing

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