Pain Chapters

Everything is bright And you feel good about who you are And then someone you know gets cancer Or someone loses a child And it’s like a tidal wave crashes over you leaving you recoiling from the shock And you walk around for days with your insides burning And you are tormented by every unkind … More Pain Chapters

Aged Soul

There was a soul. It was weathered and dry. It’s small frame disfigured and awkwardly pieced together. Crippled and wobbling it made its way through life, burdened with stories it could never tell. It was young but aged. It did not dream. It was a desert, yearning for the water it never got Slowly adapting … More Aged Soul


As this long day comes to an end, I know it’s one of many that will pass too quickly As I rock you to sleep It weighs heavy on me That you will soon outgrow my arms Big as you may get Fast as you may grow I could never stop carrying you You are a … More Carried