Afternoon Musings

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’ve been watching you today.
Less baby, more toddler.

Your chubby hands hold the book.
Pausing at every page, looking at the pictures.

You listen when I read to you.
Your fingers tracing as I point.

You push the ball, crawling after it, leaving trails of squeals behind you.

Your little body goes into instant motion when music comes on.

Your morning call for me when you awake.

Your wave goodbye as daddy leaves.

You look up at me and grin with all your new teeth.

I don’t get today twice. I don’t get you twice. Each perfect moment, gifted. Love it now, or its gone forever.

Your little brother is on his way. You won’t be the baby anymore.

But you are today. My girl, my pure delight. I’m so glad you’re mine.


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