My Andrey


You run ahead, fire in your lungs.

I slowly follow.

You run back to me and take my hand

and show me what you see.

It makes me want to run with you,

your fire in my lungs.


You see my truest self

And you love me just the same.

We are evolving, day after day.

More than ever different,

More than ever one.


I cannot be more, if you are not.

But you are more, everyday.

There is always something brighter ahead

Something bigger, deeper, pulling you in.

And you never leave me behind.


I see you better now, than yesterday.

Because you let me in, I want to be like you.

Your feet are so grounded,

Yet your heart like clay,

You mind ever thirsty.


You are so dear, so close, so mine.

My brilliant, golden soul.

I love you more than ever,

My heart is yours.




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