Mothering: The Fruit Of My Walk

I am a mom of a one year old and we are expecting our second baby this July. This past year and a half, God has just poured out an abundance of truth about motherhood into my life. It feels like in this short time He has just really provided me with some essential lessons as I roll up my sleeves and get started on the work He has laid before me. The books given to me, conferences that I have attended, seminars, sermons, blogs and wonderful godly examples in this past year have all served to provide me with a deeper understanding of my calling as a mom. I am so thankful that He has been shaping my convictions, early on, while I’m only getting my feet wet in this crazy adventure of mothering my little people. Its truly been a rich year of feasting on His glorious lessons and coming to realize not only what a huge responsibility I carry, but also the immense privilege given to me to raise souls for His kingdom.

As I have been taking it all in, I have been building a picture in my mind of what kind of mother I want to be. Being so inspired by the godly mothers around me, I am often thinking about how I want to do things in our home, what kind of atmosphere I want to create for my children to thrive in, and which character traits I want my children to see in me. I want to be a mom who is always cheerful, making my home a happy place where my kids can feel secure. I want to be patient, forgiving quickly, pouring out grace and love at every opportunity. I also want to be faithfully and consistently disciplining and shepherding them, teaching them to hate sin and love Jesus.

Ironically, as I am day dreaming about being a wonderful mother, something (usually my sin and failure) comes along to remind me that I am so far from where I want to be. It is good and right for me to have goals about my mothering. But to be a wonderful, God glorifying mother I must first be a God glorifying christian. If I am to ever be a loving, patient mother, I must love God with all my heart. I must love His word and be filled with it everyday, so that I may be patient and quick to forgive my children. If I want to be consistent in disciplining them, I must be disciplined myself. If I want to teach my children to be hardworking, I must learn to put my laziness to death. If I want my children to be obedient, I must walk in obedience. If I want to teach my children to be selfless I must die to myself, refuse to fall into self pity, take up my cross every morning and give myself willingly to the work God has provided for me each day. If I want my children to love Jesus, I must lead the way.

I can never hope to glorify God in my mothering if I don’t fight to have victory over my daily sin. Without humility and  a heart that understands it’s need for Chirst, I will never raise children the way I want to raise them- for His glory.

Sometimes I get carried away imagining myself being this happy, patient, godly mother, but in reality, I will only be the kind of mother that I am now becoming in my daily growth as a christian.

He has given me an amazing job to do. He has given me children to raise. My children are what will fill up my days. So to do the job well, and to bring Him glory, I must first be a faithful christian, loving Him and obeying His Word.




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