Mommy Blogs

Im not sure about all the others mommas out there, but I am a pretty avid blog reader. Mostly because its quick and easy. Most moms don’t have a whole lot of time to sit and read for long periods of time in the middle of the day. That is why blogs are so great, they are not usually longer than two pages (or so), and accessible through your phone/device. Another perk is that you don’t have to spend money buying anything, or time waiting for anything to come in the mail. Wonderful writing is right at your fingertips!

Blogs are a huge encouragement for me. In the daily busyness of taking care of Gracie, I am almost guaranteed at least ten quick minutes to read. I am not saying reading blogs should ever replace your daily bible reading. Also, blogs shouldn’t completely replace your reading of books. I have found that I have to prioritize both those things if I want to grow as a christian. But blogs have definitely served as a huge blessing in my life.  They have been a burst of encouragement, or a reminder to be thankful. Sometimes they are just a practical tip for folding laundry. Other times, they have reminded me that I am not alone in my exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Often they provide simple truths that lift me up, refocus and redirect my negative thoughts to cheerful ones. Over all, the mommy blogs that I read really challenge my thinking, make me love my calling, and lead me to be a more God honoring mom.

I wanted to share the blogs that I follow, in case you need somewhere to start. Not all these blogs are mommy blogs, per se, but they are all wonderful blogs that moms will find useful and encouraging.

1. Your Mom Has A Blog

This blog is the first Mommy blog that I started to read. Melissa Edgington is the wife of a pastor and a mom to three children. Her writing made me so excited to be a mom. Her stories of the daily adventures her and her children have are hilarious and so insightful. She absolutely adores her role, it is very obvious in the way she talks about her life. She finds the gospel in everyday mundane moments, and feels the love of God through her kids.

I began to read her blog regularly after I got pregnant. I remember emailing her because I was so inspired by her honest and cheerful perspective on motherhood. And she responded! She interacts with her readers which is always nice if you ever have questions for the author. Go check her out, her blog is worth your time.

2. Femina Girls

This blog is written by Nancy Wilson and her two daughters Rachel Jankovic and Bekah Merkle, and her daughter-in-law Heather Wilson. Nancy and Rachel have written several books that have shaped me so much. They offer such a unique perspective on motherhood and our calling as Christian women. I am always so challenged by their convictions and their faith. They will no doubt serve as a blessing to you as well.

3. Scissortail Silk

This mom is such a treasure. She has the most kind spirit and the most encouraging writings. She is real, and she tackles some tough issues on her blog. Yet she is always very gracious and uplifting. Go explore her blog, its got a lot of neat things.

4. Gloria Furman

This mom is a wife of a pastor and mother of four children. They are missionaries in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, serving the local church. Gloria has written a book called Glimpses of Grace that has been foundational to my approach to standing at the sink and seeing grace in the pile of dirty dishes. Her blog is a wonderful resource.






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