No Place Like Home

After being away on vacation for a week, coming home felt especially wonderful. I’ve had many homecomings in my life, but this one in particular brought me a lot of joy and comfort. Maybe it’s because I am a mother, or maybe I’m just becoming more of a homebody and less of a traveler. Whatever it is, I don’t know if I’ve ever been more glad to step though our front door and just stand there for a few minutes soaking it in.

Just being there in our warm house, with all of its familiar sounds and smells, made my heart fill with gratitude. Gratitude for having something so wonderful to live in and to call our own. After a long exhausting day of travel, sinking into our comfortable bed, with our perfect blanket (not too fluffy, not too warm) and pillows that just seem to know us, it felt like our own piece of heaven. My husband and I literally couldn’t stop smiling through our exhaustion. It just felt so good to finally be home, surrounded with all our familiar stuff. Seriously, my bedside table made me happy just because it was standing there being all homey.

I got up this morning and made coffee in my own kitchen. I made breakfast for my family. I set the table. Today my heart delighted in these small ordinary tasks.

I am thankful that this vacation has reminded me of God’s goodness in all that He gives. Today, I see glimpses of His grace in the dishes I got to wash and the laundry that I got to do. Usually, I don’t think much about these tasks, often mindlessly doing them to cross off my list. But after being on a resort where there was no need for homemaking, I have missed it. And am so happy to be doing it again.

After a restful week, I was reminded that I love to make meals for my family and wash the dishes. I love to do the laundry and fold clothes. I love to feel the warmth of my home and hear the pitter patter of the rain on the roof, making everything feel cozy. I have forgotten how much I love my home and the house work that it requires. There is a satisfaction and reward in homemaking. As good as breaks are, real life feels better.

Today, I praise God for giving me good work, for giving me dishes to wash and clothes to clean. Today I found joy in my mundane tasks.

Thank God for vacations that show you that you’ve got the best job in the world.


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