The burnt colors parade the streets. A sign of final surrender. A yielding to the colder seasons.

The crisp crunch carries like a whisper as they tussle and tumble into corners of the sidewalk.
Change. It is constant. Nothing ever stays the same. There is no holding back autumn once its arrived in all its orange splendor. And there is no slowing it down once the bitter cold of winter brings a fresh blanket of snow to frost our noses.

There is nothing in life that does not change. Change is a friend we’ve all come to know well, though at times reluctantly. It brings joy and sadness, satisfaction and regret. It is the one thing we expect. So we hold on when its tough and we soak it in when its good.

There is One who is never changing. The One you can not outgrow. From age and age He is the same. Like an evergreen tree, constant through all of life’s seasons. He will keep us steady in the whirlwind of shifting ground.


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