I am, because He is.


Becoming a mom is an overwhelming process. It changes you. Love begins to gush out from a place in your heart you didn’t know existed. Its waterfall pours out unto a precious little stranger you carried for nine months. This love, that you can not explain in words, leaves you raw and vulnerable. Your whole world changes in an irreversible way. It is like a heart ache that will never go away. It is now who you are. It is the very essence of your identity. You are now different, and it cannot be undone.

Last week I was sitting at a bible study on Ephesians chapter one. We were discussing Gods predestined plan of redemption. In the midst of our digging through the text, a question kept coming to my mind.

Why did God create this whole plan of salvation?

Why did he make this decision, before the foundation of the world? The perfect, Triune God, complete in perfect fellowship, independent from anything and anyone, self sufficient and sovereign, decides to create sinners he will have to die for. Why did he chose us, to make us his own, through the bloodiest, most scandalous path in history?

“…In love he predestined us for adoption..”

Why? Why go through all the trouble? He doesn’t need us. Why do this?

Because that is who he is. He is love. That is the essence of his identity, the center of his being. He made this amazing plan, which cost him far more than we were worth, because that is who he is. That is his character on display. It is his glorious “I Am” magnified for all to see and marvel.

And by letting me become a mom, he lets me feel a tiny portion of what he feels towards his adopted children. My love for my daughter is not dependent on her behavior or abilities. I love her because she is mine, and I am her mom. It is who I am. It pours out of me. It is an all encompassing love that grips every fiber of who I am.

And this love I have for her is only a drop in the ocean of the love God has for his children. The children he adopted in love. The children he paid to make His own.

This is a great mystery. There is no logical way to accept its facts. There is only worship and adoration. All I have is the name that he gave me. I am His.


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