There You Are

There you are, she said.
Not so much with words,
but with everything else
about her.

Her eyes focused,
not wandering.
Her mind completely
captivated, the
world forgotten.
Her head slightly tilted
to the side,
Brows raised,
Face changing in proper
sync of what is heard.

What you are saying
is soaked in.
And thought on
And remembered, later
In the passing days.

And in a week
“There you are”,
Again she says.

“I remember
The small snippet of your
You shared with me.
And I was warmed by it,
And I want you to
Share a snippet more”.

And on she goes,
Handing out her
“There you are”s
Like flowers.

And every penny she
pays for a thought,
returns to her in
Because she is known,
As the girl who hears.


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