What Mommies Need Most

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It is no secret that more than anything else in the world, babies need their mommas.

But what is it that mommas need most of all? Is it more ‘me time’? Is it more naps? Is it perfect obedient children? Lattes? Pedicures?

To live lives of lovingly pouring ourselves out for our children, we moms need more than breaks and Starbucks. We need something deeper, something richer that will hold us steady as we preserver in the glorious trenches of parenting.

1. Jesus

More than anything, mothers need Jesus.

We need the One who took our place on a rugged cross. We are desperate for the king who replaced our ugliness and brokenness with His ability to be a good parent. The One who has called us to do a great work. And the One without whom we cannot carry out the heavy task of nurturing and raising our children for His Glory.

Mommas need to cling to him because without him we cannot be good mommas. In every new day, we will likely rise too early to face a pile of laundry, many piles of dishes and a chain of mundane tasks that will compete for our attention and leave us exhausted. We need Him to remember to put our children first, to love and nurture them, to teach them all about who He is and what He has done.

Mommas need Jesus when we are tempted to lose our patience, to be greedy with our time, to slack off in disciplining, to not ask for their forgiveness. We need Him when we feel like a failure, when doubt and shame cloud our minds. We need Him to be able to get back up and try again.

Mommas need Jesus because he is the great Comforter. He says “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11;28).When we feel our deepest sadness or our gravest fears, He is the One who can give us peace. Times when we go through infertility, or a surprise pregnancy when we don’t feel ready, a miscarriage, an abnormality on the ultrasound, or even baby blues, we need him to cling to, because nothing else will hold us steady and bring us comfort like He does.

2. Husbands

Mommas need their husbands.

The role of a mother is unique, but it cannot be complete with out our other half that makes us whole. We need our husbands, our best friends and partners in life, to lean on. We need our husbands to lead, to protect and to love us.

Mommas need to be led. We need our husbands to lead us spiritually and be invested in our growth. We need our husbands to graciously convict us in our sin. We need our husbands to show the way out of the emotional fog that so often blinds us from seeing the truth. We need to be led to the word and discipled in our daily walk.

Mommas need their husbands to encourage them. Mothers need to be reminded that the work they do at home is important and significant and that they are not wasting their time when they could be pursuing careers and a “fabulous” life. We need our husbands to remind us of our glorious calling as mommas.

We also need our husbands to love us, make us feel appreciated and noticed. We need our husbands to make us feel pretty and desirable. Moms need not to forget that we are wives first, not second.

3. Community

Mommas need one another.

We mommas can put on a strong face, and pretend that we can be good mothers all on our own. But sooner or later, we grow weak and discouraged and we crumble.

Mommas were not meant raise babies all on their own. We need a support system, a place where we can share our struggles and worries, and be understood. We need encouragement from other moms who have walked the same path. We need to prayer and fellowship. We need the godly example of other mommas that we don’t only admire from a distance, but can also approach for fellowship.

Community, like nothing else, refreshes, connects and gives strength to mothers who are struggling along and doing their best to raise their children for the glory of God. It empowers us to live out our calling in the most powerful way. Lack of community can leave mommas feeling alone and discouraged. Thinking that no one understands can burden mothers and make our calling heavy and at times unbearable. Mommas need one another in order to be all that they can be.

Perhaps mommas do need more naps, and lattes and a days at the nail salon. But in order to carry out the glorious work of mothering children, we need that which holds eternal value, and bears much fruit.


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