In May of 2014, before I got pregnant my husband and I and two of our friends went on a road trip to Utah and Arizona. It was our last epic adventure as a childless couple. It goes without saying that parenthood is its own adventure, but this is something we will always remember. We … More Roadtrip


            The burnt colors parade the streets. A sign of final surrender. A yielding to the colder seasons. The crisp crunch carries like a whisper as they tussle and tumble into corners of the sidewalk. Change. It is constant. Nothing ever stays the same. There is no holding back autumn … More Change

The Visit

  We exchange awkward glances. I rack my brain for a question to ask, I’m so desperate to get out of this suffocating fog of silence. Where did all my preparation go? I thought I was ready. And you sit there, fiddling with the corner of your vest, willing the silence to scream louder. This … More The Visit

What is Autumn?

Autumn. It is a time of harvest. A time of change, a shift in the air, a new beginning. The earth ushers us into a new season full of reds and yellows, of crunching leaves beneath our feet, and smells of cinnamon and apple. Pumpkin pie and an excess of whipping cream, all around. We … More What is Autumn?